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Our Philosophy:

RJ Renovations believes in trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We like to use premium low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. We prefer to install eco-friendly kitchen and bath fixtures in our renovations. The most important thing about our philosophy is that we always want to use the best and most efficient methods of construction and the best available materials so that our various projects will stand the test of time. This will give the customer longer enjoyment and better value as well as being better for the environment by staying out of the landfill.


We are renovation specialists and we truly care about keeping our customers happy on every project, big or small. We take pride in our workmanship and go the extra mile that the other guys don't. Our extensive knowledge and experience in renovations allow us to find the proper solution to every problem encountered. We are experts at integrating brand new renovations and tying it seamlessly into Toronto's beautiful older homes.


We always offer our clients the best way to do the renovation project using premium materials and methods while many other companies just do the bare minimum which won't last as long. We like to inform, educate and involve our clients if they are interested, so they can make smart decisions.


RJ Renovations provides the highest standards in workmanship, building methods and materials at really great prices! Quality workmanship and customer satisfaction are the way we approach and complete each and every job that we undertake. We always build every project to meet or surpass the Ontario building code.


We are a team of highly skilled, professional, experienced and friendly building renovators. We take pride in our reputation for maintaining the highest standards. All of our team members are courteous, dependable and energetic. This makes for an enjoyable renovation experience. We are flexible with our working hours and will make as little disturbance as possible throughout the project.


We will protect the rest of your home and limit the interior dust by hanging tarpaulins and be laying drop sheets on the floor in the workspace. We promise to be clean and efficient.


RJ Renovations is fully licensed, insured and offer a warranty on our work, so you, the homeowner, can have peace of mind as we professionally complete your home improvement project.


RJ Renovations wants to make your experience with us as simple and enjoyable as possible from the beginning to the completion which satisfies you.

-Aaron R.J.


Our Philiosophy
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